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Ambient light sensors

Fully integrated precision light measurement across a wide spectrum of wavelengths

Enable precise light measurements for cost-optimized systems using our ambient light sensors.  Our fully-integrated ambient light sensors use a photodiode sensor AFE to imitate a human eye response in a wide range of environmental light conditions enabling easier-to-use and more precise solutions than discrete optical sensors.

Cost optimized

Cost optimized

A cost optimized broad-spectrum measurement solution for energy savings, system security and safety by sensing the surrounding environment and acting quickly

  • General purpose
  • Tamper detection
Human eye response

Human eye response

Display and environmental control for optimized visual experiences

  • Display backlight controls
  • Lighting control systems
  • Thermostats & home automation
thinnest package

Thinnest package

Thinnest packaging options enable the smallest systems in the industry

  • .856 mm x .946 mm x .226 mm
  • PicoStar package
  • Smart watches


Fully integrated precision light measurement for automotive systems

  • Body electronics & lighting
  • Infotainment & cluster


Cost optimized wide band light-to-digital sensor with 23-bit effective dynamic range and built-in automatic range setting feature


Digital ambient light sensor (ALS) with high precision human eye response in 2mm X 2mm USON package


Small footprint, ultra-thin digital ambient light sensor (ALS) with high precision human eye response


Automotive digital ambient light sensor (ALS) with high-precision human-eye response

Technical resources

Complete board and system-level reference designs to help you quickly evaluate and customize your light measurement system

Ambient light sensor curriculum contains short training videos covering the basics of light sensors, key specifications for selecting light sensor for different applications and much more.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.