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Time of flight (ToF) sensors

Our time of flight products, tools, and development kits enable the next generation of optical sensing systems for factory automation, building automation and appliances. Fully customize every aspect of your design using TI’s time of flight chipsets in your long-range distance measurements, obstacle detection or avoidance applications.

System design flexibility

Detect near and far objects of various shapes, sizes, colors, materials and reflectivity levels in a wide or narrow field of view (FoV)

Precise distance measurements

Accurately detect objects with a 3 mm resolution at a range of 3 cm to 15 m

Target localization

Determine object distance and direction using up to 3 sensing zones

Featured products and modules


Time-of-flight based long-range proximity and distance sensor analog front end (AFE) compatible with different LEDs and photodiodes based on system requirements

Time-of-flight LiDAR module

The Benewake TFmini Plus LiDAR module uses the OPT3101 for single-point short-range distance measurements.

Design tools

A simulation tool for analyzing design performance trade-offs to create optimum designs

An open source generic SDK with plugin architecture for advanced users

Generate C++ code for fast prototyping

Technical resources

Learn about the time of flight technology and the tools we provide for implementation into industrial and consumer applications.

Download and read application notes, user's guides, simulation modules, and more to help solve design challenges in your time of flight systems.

Leverage the wide-range (120° FoV at 1.6 meters) proximity sensing reference design with immunity to sunlight to enable your small and cost-effective proximity sensor system.

Proximity sensing solutions

Finding it difficult to pick the right proximity sensing technology? Read our infographic to quickly understand the pros and cons of each technology we offer including optical time-of-flight.

time of flight proximity sensing infogrpahic

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