Sub-1 GHz transceivers

Add the right wireless performance capability to your MCU with our easy-to-design transceiver options

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With over 20 years of RF experience, our transceivers offer a robust connectivity solution to add alongside your current processor. These radios are highly configurable which allows for multiple bands that meet requirements for world-wide use cases. Our portfolio enables you to design cost-effective, power-efficient, high-performance wireless products. 

Featured Sub-1 GHz transceivers

Sub-1 GHz transceivers design & development

Whether you are working on a simple design or building a complex system, you should have confidence in your designs. Our extensive and easy-to-use hardware and software tools, and 24/7 year-round access to industry experts will empower you to drive innovation forward.

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Why TI for Sub-1 GHz transceivers?



Our proven track record across 20 years covers various applications around the globe with 100Ms of units in the field.


Design flexibility

Our transceivers attach to your MCU to enable wireless connectivity in your products. Add wireless without disturbing your analog circuitry by placing the transceiver away from sensitive substances.


Low power

Our transceivers enable low power though fast wake-up times and low standby currents allowing for extended battery life.