Speaker amps – Featured products

Get big sound from small speakers with Smart Amps

TI Smart Amps build upon our standard Class-D audio amplifiers by providing advanced modeling and algorithms to fully understand the target speaker(s). This understanding allows our Smart Amps to produce more robust and rich sound without damaging the speaker from either heat or over excursion. Smart Amps also build upon the predictive model by adding real-time, accurate voltage and current sensing to provide feedback to the protection algorithm.

Featured Smart Amplifiers


5.7-W Class-D mono audio amplifier with Class-H boost and speaker sense


15W digital input mono Class-D audio amplifier with speaker IV sense


5.6-W Class-D mono audio amplifier with IV sense

Experience premium sound with HD-audio digital-input speaker amps

TI’s audio amplifiers enable high-resolution audio and feature unrivaled audio performance. These devices include easy-to-use digital signal processing to further enhance customer’s audio experience, simplify system complexity and reduce size and cost.

Featured ultra-HD speaker amplifiers


30-W, digital input, stereo, closed-loop Class-D amplifier with 96-kHz flexible processing


4.5 V to 26.4 V, 38-W stereo, inductor-less, digital input, closed-loop Class-D audio amplifier with 96-kHz, 192-kHz extended audio


175W-stereo, 350W-mono, ultra-HD digital-input Class-D amplifier

Speaker amplifiers that drive high-quality sound

With continued focus on expanding our automotive audio portfolio, TI's AEC-Q100 qualified speaker amplifiers are designed specifically for cluster, head unit, telematics, Virtual engine sound system (VESS) and external amplifier applications. Our audio amp ICs provide load dump protection, advanced AC/DC load diagnostics, the widest range of operating voltages, ease EMC design and more. 

Featured automotive speaker amplifiers


1x25-W Digital Input Closed-Loop Automotive Class-D Audio Amplifier


75W 2-MHz digital input 2-channel automotive Class-D audio amplifier


22-W Analog Input Mono Channel Automotive Class-D Audio Amplifier With Load Dump and I2C Diagnostics