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Speaker amps that drive big, clean sound

Industry's highest-performing Class-D amps for a range of audio applications

Address the needs of any audio application with the industry’s broadest portfolio of speaker amplifiers, ranging in power levels, topology, performance and features.

Smart Amplifiers

Class-D Smart Amps provide advanced modeling and algorithms to produce more robust sound without damaging your speaker(s) from heat and over excursion

Ultra-HD Speaker Amps

High performing, monolithic Class-D amplifier portfolio with high bandwidth and extremely low distortion, enabling high-resolution audio for applications from 35W to 600W output power

Automotive Amplifiers

Auto-qualified speaker amplifiers that provide premium audio quality in automotive cluster, head unit, telematics and external amplifier applications

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Technical resources

PurePath™ Console Graphical Development Suite

PurePath™ Console is a highly integrated, easy-to-use audio development suite designed specifically to simplify the evaluation, configuration and debug process associated with audio products

LC Filter Designer

Calculate LC filter inductor and capacitor values, select from four different filter types, tune frequency response, and verify response with multiple speaker loads with the easy-to-use Class-D LC Filter Designer