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Speaker amps that drive big, clean sound

High performing Class-D amplifiers for a range of audio applications

Address the needs of any audio application with the industry’s broadest portfolio of speaker amplifiers (including Class-D, Class-D boosted, Class-AB and smart amps) ranging from 5 W to more than 50 W of output power and a range of topologies, performance and features.  Our portfolio includes smart amplifiers, ultra-HD amps and automotive-qualified speaker amplifiers for high performance in an array of applications.

Smart amps

Class-D smart amplifiers provide advanced modeling and algorithms to produce more robust sound without damaging your speaker from heat and over exertion.

Ultra-HD speaker amps

High performing, monolithic Class-D amplifier portfolio with high bandwidth and extremely low distortion, enabling high-resolution audio for applications from 35-W to 600-W output power.

Automotive qualified

AEC Q-100 qualified speaker amplifiers that provide premium audio quality in automotive cluster, head unit, telematics and external amplifier applications.

Output power

Output power, measured in watts, is the electrical power transferred from an audio power amplifier to a loudspeaker. Search by output power.

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Find speaker amplifiers by architecture. Different amplifier architectures have various benefits and trade offs in areas such as efficiency and distortion. Search by architecture.

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Audio input type

Audio data is transmitted from its source to the speaker amplifier in various formats. Ensure your source and amplifier are compatible. Search by input type.

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Featured speaker amps

PurePath™ Console graphical user interface (GUI)

PurePath™ Console graphical user interface (GUI) is a highly integrated, easy-to-use audio development suite designed specifically to simplify the evaluation, configuration and debug process associated with audio products. 

PurePath™ Console graphical user interface (GUI) makes audio design straightforward, as no advanced audio engineering expertise is required. Highly optimized audio performance, minimal power consumption and seamless system integration are made possible with advanced control features implemented in practical graphical interface targeted at reducing product development time. 

Featured PurePath Digital™ audio amplifiers 


175-W stereo, 350-W mono, 12-to-38-V supply digital input class-D smart audio amplifier


6.1-W, digital input, smart audio amplifier & integrated speaker protection, advanced EQ & 11-V Class-H boost


23-W stereo, 45-W mono, 4.5-to- 26.4-V supply, digital input Class-D audio amplifier with processing

Featured technical documents

SmartPA Speaker Protection Algorithm

SmartPA has seen increased usage in personal electronic in recent years. This article discusses the speaker modeling and protection based on our SmartPA algorithm.

Battery Voltage Tracking Limiter and Brown-Out Protection

Read about how battery voltage (VBAT) tracking and brown out protection features are available to help prolong usable battery life.

Guidelines for Measuring Audio Power Amplifier Performance (Rev. A)

This app note provides guidelines for measuring the data sheet parameters of our audio power amplifiers (APAs) using prefabricated evaluation modules (EVMs).