High-Power Audio Amplifiers (>50W) – Technical documents

LC Filter Design (Rev. A)

In high-power Class-D amps, a LC filter is critical to meet the desired audio performance, efficiency, EMC/EMI requirements and cost for the end application. This app note will aid in the selection of LC filter components.

High-Power Audio Amplifiers

TPA32xx Class-D audio amps enable high-resolution audio, are optimized to be efficient no matter what the active output power and feature integrated modulators, FETs and protection to reduce the size and cost of your solution.

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TPA32xx Analog Input Grounding for Single Ended Inputs

With high-power Class-D audio amps, layout is often critical for achieving maximum power and optimal performance. This application report discusses the grounding recommendations for analog inputs only.

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Application notes

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Multi-Device Configuration for TPA32xx Amplifiers Read Abstract PDF 9 27 Sep 2017 517
TPA324x and TPA325x Post-Filter Feedback PDF 1149 14 Sep 2017 322
Class-D Amplifier External Load Diagnostics Read Abstract PDF 8 23 Jan 2017 1754

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2016 Automotive Infotainment Guide (Rev. D) PDF 1248 01 Jun 2016 10885

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