Mid-Power Audio Amplifiers (10-50W) – Technical documents

TPA3136D2 Design Considerations for EMC

This audio amp uses advanced PWM switching techniques for reducing EMI without degrading audio performance. This app note discusses the system design and PCB guidelines used to maximize the technology employed in the TPA3136.

Achieve Ultra-Low Idle Current With TPA3128D2

The TPA3128D2 Class-D audio amp has ultra-low power loss and helps to extend the battery life of Bluetooth®/wireless speakers and other battery powered audio systems.

Getting Started with Smart Amp Development (Rev. D)

Learn more about Smart Amps, their important features and the technology needed to use for their design. This document supports the TAS5766M and TAS5768M Smart Amp devices.

PurePath™ Console Motherboard (Rev. B)

The PurePath™ Console Motherboard is used as a primary interface to TI’s audio products. It provides a seamless interface between the PurePath™ Console GUI running on your computer, and the device under evaluation

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TPA31xxDx Bootstrap Circuit Application Report PDF 5300 17 Nov 2017 0
TAS5782M Process Flows (Rev. B) PDF 3106 17 Oct 2017 631
The bq27426 Performace Under Dynamic Battery Voltage for Portable Audio Applicat Read Abstract PDF 8 09 Oct 2017 116

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2016 Automotive Infotainment Guide (Rev. D) PDF 1248 01 Jun 2016 10762
Audio Accessory Designs From Start to Finish eBook PDF 2411 20 Jun 2014 460

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