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Isolated gate drivers

Highly robust, flexible, and universally compatible devices for many applications

Build smaller, more robust designs for many applications using our flexible and universally compatible isolated gate drivers. From basic and functional isolation to reinforced isolation, our isolated gate drivers allow you to create designs that protect from electrical shock while providing more protection for high-voltage levels. Start designing now. 

Functional & basic isolation

Functional or basic isolation provides a single level of electrical isolation up to 3-kVrms and sufficient protection against electrical shock. These solutions provide robust ground bounce protection while meeting high-voltage guidelines.

Reinforced isolation

Reinforced isolation enables up to a 5.7-kVrms isolation rating to safely protect humans and equipment from electric shock. Reinforced solutions offer higher working voltages, wider creepage and clearance for improved system robustness.

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured isolation products below, designed to help you address power density, low EMI and isolation. 

Isolated gate drivers for power density & isolation

An isolation device allows data and power to transfer between the high-voltage and low-voltage units, while preventing any hazardous DC or uncontrolled transient current flowing from the grid. Isolation robustness and higher power density is realized by integrating the isolator with a key power component: the integrated high-speed isolated gate driver. Our isolated gate drivers are available in basic, functional  and reinforced isolation, and accept a low-power input from a controller IC to produce the appropriate high-current gate drive for a MOSFET, IGBT, SiC or GaN power switch.


±10-A, 5.7-KVrms single-channel isolated gate driver for SiC/IGBT with advanced protection


4-A, 6-A, 5.7-KVrms isolated dual-channel gate driver with 3.3-mm channel-to-channel spacing


Automotive, Functional Safety-Compliant 15-A isolated IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver

Featured reference designs

Isolated gate drivers and a combo-box architecture

Integrating the traction inverter, DC/DC converter and on-board charger into a combo-box architecture can reduce vehicle weight, lower overall costs and achieve higher power density, helping enable electric vehicles for the masses. Integrating systems brings new technical challenges such as complex magnetic integration and the need for a more sophisticated control algorithm. Isolated gate drivers with advanced diagnostics and protection features enable integration and high-power density, at a lower system cost.

Electric vehicle combo box

A High-Performance, Combo Box Powertrain Solution

Learn about the benefits of using an integrated powertrain solution to speed adoption of electric vehicles through power electronics.

High drive strength for even more horsepower

A cost optimized SiC/IGBT isolated gate driver for combo box powertrain architecture, reducing board size by at least 50% and increasing power density.