Texas Instruments DLP technology enables compact, efficient displays for a variety of applications, such as pico projectors, near eye displays, digital signage, and many more. A broad network of optical module suppliers  and design houses can help developers accelerate development time and speed time to market.

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DLP Pico 0.2" TRP chip (left);
DLP Cinema® 4K chip (right)


DLP technology offers a wide portfolio of display chipsets based on brightness, resolution, and size requirements.

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Get to market faster by utilizing a DLP video and data display development tool.

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TI video and data display chipsets enable developers to incorporate bright, efficient, high definition projection into the smallest applications, including smartphones, tablets, and near eye display.

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Application notes, schematics, source code, and so much more. TI provides design files , user's guides, and datasheets to help you start your development today.

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Have questions? Get answers on our E2E forum. Use the extensive 3rd party design network to develop a product concept or source optical modules.

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