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Overview for MUX Buffer

Texas Instruments' mux buffer portfolio features multi-channel products that implement failover and redundancy support, while extending the reach of the signal. Mux buffers work in conjunction with existing signal chain digital equalization technology to allow signal integrity optimization versus power tradeoffs.

Mux Buffer

Key portfolio highlights

  • Integrated signal conditioning: Input and output equalization to support 30+ inches of FR-4 or 8+ meters of copper cable @ 10Gbps
  • Lowest power and system cost: Single-supply voltage with <70 mW per channel (typical); no external reference clock, power supply filters or complex routing needed
  • Easy to use: Multi-protocol support and automatic configuration via external EEPROM eliminates need for software programming; quickly configure mux/fanout of individual channels or ports

Key applications

  • Backplane: PC board reach extension
  • Front port: Failover/redundancy in high availability systems, Port duplication

TI mux buffers support various protocols such as:

Featured mux buffers

Device Description Order sample Download datasheet Order EVM
DS100MB203 10.3Gbps dual port mux and fanout buffer
DS125MB203 12.5Gbps dual port mux and fanout buffer
SN65LVCP114 14.2Gbps quad mux, linear-redriver with signal conditioning
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Mux buffers can switch or fanout to multiple inputs and outputs with added equalization and de-emphasis.

Insertion loss

Clean eye using a TI mux buffer

Data-dependent jitter