Microcontrollers (MCU)

SimpleLink™ MSP432 microcontrollers

Arm®-based host MCUs from sensors to gateway

SimpleLink MSP432 host microcontrollers

Quickly develop your wireless applications with the SimpleLink MSP432 host MCU.

  • Easily add wireless with SimpleLink Platform
  • SimpleLink software development kit
  • Modular hardware & software architecture

MSP432P4 ultra-low-power precision analog

Capture and process high-precision signals at lowest system power with the SimpleLink MCUs.

MSP432E4 high-performance Ethernet

Merge the world of wired and wireless connectivity with TI SimpleLink Ethernet MCUs to connect sensors to the cloud.

Compare the SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs

MSP432P4: Ultra-low-power precision analog MCUs MSP432E4: High-performance Ethernet MCUs
Peripheral and System Integration

1 MSPS 16-bit precision SAR ADC with oversampling, 13.2 ENOB native

48MHz Cortex-M4F CPU at 80uA/MHz

Down to 600nA Standby with RTC


320-segment LCD

105Ca industrial temperature range

10/100 Ethernet MAC & PHY

2x simultaneous 2Msps SAR ADC

120MHz Cortex-M4F CPU 

Over-20 UART/SPI/I2C

Quad SPI

LCD Parallel port (TFT display)

External Memory Interface & general purpose parallel port

105Ca industrial temperature range


128kB-2MB Flash

32-256 kB SRAM

1MB Flash

256kB SRAM

64-pin QFN, 80-pin BGA, 100-pin QFP 128-pin QFP, 212-pin BGA
Application examples

High-precision sensor nodes

Sensor Motor Diagnostics & Monitoring

Glass Break Detector



Industrial Automation Gateway

HVAC System Controller

Zone Controller

Data Concentrator

IO Module

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SimpleLink host MCU

With a wide range of integrated features including high-performance ADC and low power in MSP432P4 to high-performance Ethernet and wired connectivity with MSP432E4, MSP432 MCUs prove to be the ideal host MCU for your wireless application. With additional wired connectivity, analog performance, IO expansion, and software plug-in’s one can easily add wireless to their system in three simple steps

1. Pick your wireless technology from the table below.

2. Download the appropriate Simplelink SDK plugin

3. Connect to existing software application





chipshort cc2640r2f


chipshot cc1350


chip 1310


MCU type Network Processor Wireless MCU Wireless MCU Wireless MCU Wireless MCU
Wireless stack + RF
Wireless and wired technology Wi-Fi® Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® low energy Sub-1 GHz+ Bluetooth low energy Sub-1 GHz
Key differentiation Network processor with integrated Wi-Fi and Internet protocols Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ single-chip MCU with enhanced security Lowest power BT4.2 and BT5 Flashbased solution World’s first dual-band wireless MCU Combine low power and longest range to achieve 20 kms on a coin cell
SimpleLink SDK compatible
SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Plug-in SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Wi-Fi Plugin
SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Wi-Fi Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Bluetooth Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Sub-1 GHz Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Sub-1 GHz Plugin