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IEEE 802.3-2005 PoE Interface and Isolated Converter Controller with Enhanced ESD Ride-Through


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Reference designs

Power Over Ethernet® (PoE) Reference Design for Industrial Gateways

This reference design integrates TI's Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the high-performance SimpleLink™ MSP432E4 Ethernet microcontroller (MCU) with Ethernet to enable customers to develop applications for Internet of Things (IoT) in a small form factor board. The design increases the value of (...)

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Description Part Number Company Tool Type
Class 2- Low Cost 3.3V/1.8A Flyback Converter for PoE Applications PMP7298 Texas Instruments Reference designs
Class 3- Isolated Flyback (15V@0.72A) for PoE Applications PMP5270 Texas Instruments Reference designs
Class 3- Low Cost 12V/1A Flyback Converter for PoE Applications Reference Design PMP8803 Texas Instruments Reference designs
IP Net Camera Power Module Reference Solution SAT0027 Texas Instruments Reference designs

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PoE PD Efficiency Calculator  (ZIP 452 KB )    11 Jul 2013