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Package Options

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  • 1-A linear battery charger
    • 3.0-V to 5.9-V input voltage operating range optimized for battery to battery charging and USB adapter
    • 25-V tolerant input voltage
    • Configurable battery regulation voltage with 0.5% accuracy from 3.6 V to 4.65 V in 10-mV steps
    • Li-ion and LiFePO4 chemistries support
    • 5-mA to 1-A configurable fast charge current
    • 70-mΩ battery FET ON resistance
    • Up to 2.5-A discharge current to support high system loads
    • Configurable termination current down to 0.5 mA
    • Configurable NTC charging profile thresholds including JEITA support
    • Power cycle and advanced reset mechanism
    • I2C or standalone versions available
  • Power path management for powering the system and charging the battery
    • Regulated system voltage (SYS) ranging from 4.4 V to 4.9 V in addition to battery voltage tracking and input pass-though options
    • Configurable input current limit
    • USB Suspend mode supported
    • Dynamic power path management optimizes charging from weak adapters
  • Ultra low quiescent current
    • 10-nA Shutdown mode
    • 5-μA Ship mode with button press wake
    • 3 μA in Battery Only mode
    • 500-μA input Iq when charge is disabled/terminated
  • One push-button wake-up and reset input
  • Integrated fault protection
    • Input overvoltage protection (VIN_OVP)
    • Battery undervoltage protection (BUVLO)
    • Battery short protection (BATSC)
    • Battery overcurrent protection (BATOCP)
    • Input current limit protection (ILIM)
    • Thermal regulation (TREG) and thermal shutdown (TSHUT)
    • Battery thermal fault protection (TS)
    • Watchdog and safety timer fault