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Microcontrollers (MCU)

Performance Sensing

MCUs with integrated precision ADC

MSP432P4 MCUs capture and process high-precision signals at lowest system power with SimpleLink MCUs.

  • Low power MCU with up to 2MB of Flash
  • Precision SAR analog-digital converter with 16-bit
  • Pin-to-pin scalability from 128kB to 2MB Flash
high performance ethernet

MCUs with integrated ethernet MAC & PHY

MSP432E4 MCUs merge the world of wired and wireless connectivity with our SimpleLink Ethernet MCUs to connect sensors to the cloud.

  • Integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY
  • Wired & wireless industrial smart gateway
  • 120MHz CPU with cryptographic accelerators

Sensors to Gateway, simplified

Develop a complete IoT network with high-precision sensors, intelligent gateway, and cloud integration using one single software investment. Shifting analytics to the gateway can help:

  • Simplify edge node design
  • Optimize cloud data traffic
  • Reduce event-to-action latency

MSP432™ MCU host portfolio

A scalable Arm® Cortex®-M4F MCU portfolio to develop end-to-end solutions for Industrial IoT, from high-precision sensor nodes to intelligent wired and wireless gateway. Enhance and expand your products with 8x memory scalability and pin-to-pin compatibility. Develop precision and ultra-low-power sensor nodes with the industry’s best high-precision ADC. Or, build an intelligent gateway with a broad range of wired communication peripherals to manage sensor nodes and connect to the cloud.  

MSP432 Portfolio Image

MSP432P4 Vibration Condition Monitoring

The MSP432 and its high-precision ADC can be used in a non-invasive and non-disruptive method to monitor and assess motor health. With a high level of of precision processing and ultra-low-power consumption, this solution enables the prediction of future motor faults failure.