CY74FCT377T Octal D-Type Flip-Flops with Enable |

CY74FCT377T (ACTIVE) Octal D-Type Flip-Flops with Enable

Octal D-Type Flip-Flops with Enable - CY74FCT377T


The \x92FCT377T devices have eight triggered D-type flip-flops with individual data (D) inputs. The common buffered clock (CP) inputs load all flip-flops simultaneously when the clock-enable (CE\) input is low. The register is fully edge triggered. The state of each D input at one setup time before the low-to-high clock transition is transferred to the corresponding flip-flop output (O). CE\ must be stable only one setup time prior to the low-to-high clock transition for predictable operation.

These devices are fully specified for partial-power-down applications using Ioff. The Ioff circuitry disables the outputs, preventing damaging current backflow through the device when it is powered down.


  • Function, Pinout, and Drive Compatible With FCT and F Logic
  • Reduced VOH (Typically = 3.3 V) Versions of Equivalent FCT Functions
  • Edge-Rate Control Circuitry for Significantly Improved Noise Characteristics
  • Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation
  • Matched Rise and Fall Times
  • ESD Protection Exceeds JESD 22
    • 2000-V Human-Body Model (A114-A)
    • 200-V Machine Model (A115-A)
    • 1000-V Charged-Device Model (C101)
  • Fully Compatible With TTL Input and Output Logic Levels
  • Clock Enable for Address and Data Synchronization Application
  • Eight Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flops
  • CY54FCT377T
    • 32-mA Output Sink Current
    • 12-mA Output Source Current
  • CY74FCT377T
    • 64-mA Output Sink Current
    • 32-mA Output Source Current


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Part number Order Technology Family VCC (Min) (V) VCC (Max) (V) Bits (#) Voltage (Nom) (V) F @ nom voltage (Max) (MHz) ICC @ nom voltage (Max) (mA) tpd @ nom Voltage (Max) (ns) IOL (Max) (mA) IOH (Max) (mA) 3-state output Rating Operating temperature range (C)
CY74FCT377T Order now FCT     4.75     5.25     8     5     70     0.2     13     64     -32     No     Catalog     -40 to 85