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2A dual H-bridge motor driver

Availability: 8,950


Package | PIN: WQFN (RTE) | 16
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $1.89
10-24 $1.70
25-99 $1.58
100-249 $1.37
250-499 $1.27
500-749 $1.06
750-999 $0.87
1000+ $0.80


  • Dual H-bridge motor driver
    • Single or dual brushed DC motors
    • One bipolar stepper motor
    • Solenoid loads
  • 2.7-V to 18-V operating voltage range
  • High output current per H-bridge
    • 1-A RMS driver current at TA = 25°C
    • 2-A RMS driver current in parallel mode at TA =25°C
  • Low on-state resistance at VM > 5-V
    • 1000 mΩ RDS(ON) (HS + LS) at TA= 25°C
  • Multiple control interface options
    • 4-Pin interface
    • 2-Pininterface
    • Parallel bridge interface
    • Independent bridgeinterface
  • Current regulation with 20-µs fixed off time
  • Torque scalar for scaling output current to 50%
  • Supports 1.8-V, 3.3-V, 5-V logic inputs
  • Low-power sleep mode
    • 1.7-µA Sleep mode supply current at VVM = 12-V,TA = 25°C
  • I2C Device Variant Available (DRV8847S)
    • Detailed diagnostics on I2Cregisters
    • Multi-slave operation support
    • Supports standardand fast I2C mode
  • Small packages and footprints
    • 16 Pin TSSOP (no thermal pad)
    • 16 Pin HTSSOPPowerPAD™ package
    • 16 Pin WQFNthermal package
  • Built-in protection features
    • VM undervoltage lockout
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Open load detection
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Fault condition indication pin (nFAULT)

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Texas Instruments  DRV8847RTER

The DRV8847 device is a dual H-bridge motor driver for industrial applications, homeappliances, ePOS printers, and other mechatronic applications. This device can be used for drivingtwo DC motors, a bipolar stepper motor, or other loads such as relays. A simple PWM interfaceallows easy interface with the controller. The DRV8847 device operates off a single power supplyand supports a wide input supply range from 2.7 to 18 V.

The output stage of the driver consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured as twofull H-bridges to drive motor windings or four independent half bridges (in independent bridgeinterface). A fixed off time controls the peak current in the bridge which can drive a 1-A load(2-A in parallel mode with proper heat sinking, at 25°C TA).

A low-power sleep mode is provided to achieve a low quiescent current draw by shuttingdown much of the internal circuitry. Additionally, a torque scalar is provided which dynamicallyscales the output current through a digital input pin. This feature lets the controller decreasethe current required for lower power consumption.

Internal protection functions are provided for undervoltage-lockout, overcurrentprotection on each FET, short circuit protection, open-load detection, and overtemperature. Faultconditions are indicated by on the nFAULT pin. The I2C device variant(DRV8847S) has detailed diagnostics.