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Reduce audible noise and achieve precise, reliable control with our stepper motor drivers

Attain smooth, effortless motion with our broad portfolio of highly-integrated stepper motor drivers that feature automatic tuning, accurate current sensing and advanced diagnostics. Scaling across a wide voltage and current range, our portfolio is suited for a variety of industrial and automotive applications. 

Smooth, silent & precise 

Step with ease, precision and reduced audible noise with automatic smart tune, high current accuracy and 1/256 microstepping.

Small solution size 

Reduce system complexity and board space by 40% with innovative small packaging and integrated current sensing.

Protection & diagnostics

Intelligently diagnose and robustly protect motor systems with standard protection features such as overcurrent and thermal shutdown and advanced features such as open load and stall detection. 

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Build your stepper motor driver expertise

Our TI Precision Labs curriculum introduces what a stepper motor is, how it works and how you would drive it.

Watch our training series to learn more about the features and benefits of stepper motor drivers.