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Drive performance with brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers 

Create smaller, more efficient motor drive systems with robust protection

Design smaller, more efficient motor drive systems using our portfolio of highly-integrated brushed DC motor drivers with accurate current sensing and advanced diagnostics. With a wide voltage range and variety of architectures, our scalable portfolio of intelligent brushed DC motor drivers is suited for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

Small solution size

Reduce system complexity and board space with innovative small packaging and high levels of integration.

Increased power efficiency

Increase efficiency and battery life with low RDS(on) drivers, minimal power consumption and ultra-low sleep current.

Accurate current sensing

Precisely control and monitor current to achieve accurate position and torque control.

Protection & diagnostics

Intelligently diagnose and robustly protect motor systems with integrated protection features.

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Build your motor driver expertise

Our TI Precision labs curriculum introduces what a brushed DC motor is, how it works and how you would drive it.

Watch our training series to learn more about the features and benefits of brushed DC motor drivers.