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TI solenoid drivers offer solutions for various loads

TI's family of solenoid drivers are designed to handle multiple relays, solenoids or valves with a single device. These drivers have better protection and require less board space than traditional discrete solutions and can greatly speed up the design process.

scalable portfolio

Scalable portfolio

Scalable portfolio of channels, voltages and current drive.

system protection symbol

System protection

Full suite of protection including under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit & open load detection.

Solenoid drivers

  • PWM-only and serial control with fault diagnostic options available
  • Eliminates the need for an external freewheeling or catch diode
  • Flexible multi-channel, low-side driver options to drive various types of inductive loads
  • Fully protected with internal shutdown functions for a more robust system design
drv8x solenoid with fets diagram

Featured products


Octal low-side driver with serial interface.


1A quad solenoid/relay driver (PWM control)


Quad solenoid/relay driver with open-load detection (serial control)