Clock & timing

Generate multiple clock outputs with TI's clock generators

Cut board space, complexity with easy to use portfolio of clocks

General purpose, cost optimized clock generators

Generate multiple output frequencies from 1 input frequency. Integrated EEPROM, LDOs and spread-spectrum support

Ultra-low jitter clock generators

Lowest jitter solutions for applications that need < 300 fs RMS jitter. Flexible and easy to use with integrated EEPROM, LDOs.

Dual PLL clock generators

Ideal for clocking high speed data converters and for jitter cleaning applications

Featured clock generators

# Outputs
CDCI6214 4 PCIexpress Gen 4 compliant, low power, cost optimized clock generator
CDCM6208 8 < 300 fs, high performance, flexible clock generator. Exceeds PCIexpress Gen 4
LMK04832 14 High performance, Dual PLL Clock generator for clocking high speed data converters
up to 3.2 GHz
LMK03328 8 < 300fs RMS Jitter clock generator with 2 independent PLLs
CDCE913-Q1 3 Automotive Grade cost effective clock generator with LVCMOS outputs
CDCE62005 5 General purpose clock generator with differential outputs
LMK04610 10 Low power, cascaded PLL clock generator with integrated Loop filters
CDCE937-Q1 7 General purpose automotive qualified clock generator with 3 independent PLLs. Easily
generate common clock frequencies used with TI-DaVinci™ , OMAP™, DSPs
CDCM9102 2 Low noise, 2 channel 100 MHz PCIe clock generator
LMK03806 14 Ultra-low jitter, flexible, differential clock generator


Featured application notes

Clocking tree for Medical Ultrasound