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Clock jitter cleaners & network synchronizers for high-speed signals

Reduce your bill of materials with our low-jitter clock jitter cleaners and network synchronizers

Achieve industry-leading clock jitter performance with our portfolio of low-power network synchronizers and lowest jitter, JESD204B-compliant jitter cleaners. These devices use internal phased-locked loops (PLLs) to reduce phase noise or jitter in the system. Our devices leverage our bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology to help you meet stringent system-level requirements for high-speed telecommunication and industrial applications.

Network synchronizers with DPLLs

Manage variable frame length, multi-point networks and large traffic with these high-performance single- or multi-channel solutions for time and frequency synchronization. These devices are fully compliant with IEEE industry standards.

Jitter cleaners with single-loop APLLs

Minimize jitter and support a single frequency domain with our flexible and high-performance single-loop PLLs.

Jitter cleaners with cascaded APLLs

Minimize jitter and support multiple frequency domains with our flexible and high-performance dual-loop PLLs and cascaded PLLs.

Featured jitter cleaners & network synchronizers


Get industry-leading clocking performance with this device which leverages BAW resonator technology to deliver ultra-low jitter and the best hitless switching performance.


Achieve a high-precision network with this dual APLL and DPLL device that is optimized for telecom, enterprise, wireless base station (BTS) and industrial systems.


Increase clock tree flexibility with this JESD204B-compliant multi-channel, ultra-low noise clock jitter cleaner with a maximum output frequency of 3250 MHz.

Featured videos for jitter cleaners & network synchronizers

Learn more about TI BAW technology

Our bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology paves the way for stable, secure and high-performance communications infrastructure. Designers can leverage our innovative BAW technology to shrink BOM, improve network performance and increase immunity to vibration and shock. Watch the TI BAW clocking technology video to learn more. 

TI BAW technology enables ultra-low jitter clocks for high-speed networks

Learn how you can use the LMK05318 network synchronizer featuring our BAW technology to reduce phase noise and rms jitter, and eliminate the need for a high-frequency low-noise TCXO or OCXO.