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Generate multiple clock outputs with our clock generators

Our easy-to-use clock generators help you optimize board space and maintain signal integrity

Maintain signal integrity with our portfolio of low-jitter clock generators with support for up to PCIe Gen 5, 1/10Gb Ethernet and other industry standards.  A variety of clock generator design tools and resources are available to help simplify your clock tree design, save time and reduce board space in applications such as wired communications, automotive and industrial.

General-purpose clock generators

Easy-to-use, crystal and oscillator replacements with integrated EEPROM, LDO regulators and spread-spectrum support. Suitable for high-performance systems with standards such as PCIe Gen 4.

Ultra-low jitter clock generators

Clock generators with low jitter for applications that need less than 300-fs RMS jitter and improved power-supply immunity. Suitable for high-performance systems requiring data rates of 10 Gbps and 25 Gbps.

Featured clock generators


Replace crystal oscillators and reduce board space with this automotive qualified 350-fs RMS (typical), PCIe Gen 5 compliant clock generator with four programmable outputs and EEPROM


Reduce bit error rate (BER) in high-speed serial links with our ultra-low jitter clock generator with two independent PLLs


Replace crystal oscillators and reduce board space with this 350-fs RMS (typical), PCIe Gen 5 compliant clock generator with 4 programmable outputs and EEPROM


Featured technical documentation

Crystal or Crystal Oscillator Replacement with Silicon Devices

Read more to learn how to use clock generators to replace crystals and oscillators in a system.

High Speed Layout Guidelines (Rev. A)

Learn how to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and route high-speed clock signals.

How to measure Total Jitter (TJ) (Rev. B)

Learn the recommended measurement methods for total jitter (TJ), including techniques to minimize the noise sources of the measurement equipment.

Technical Article

Clock generator technical articles