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Real-time clocks (RTCs) & timers for low-power & accurate timing

Optimize your system by reducing power and board space


Get the lowest power consumption with our easy-to-use RTCs and timers. Our industry-standard, pin-compatible devices help reduce standby current to an extremely low level during the sleep phase and periodically wake up the system in battery-powered designs.

Low-power timers

Get the most power savings by using our ultra-low power (<35-nA) timers with watchdog functionality and manual reset from to 100 ms to 7200 s.

Real-time clocks (RTCs)

Track time by the year, month, second and other timing intervals with our portfolio of industry-standard RTCs.

General-purpose timers

Generate stable and accurate oscillation or time delays with adjustable duty cycle from microseconds to hours using 555 timers.

Featured RTCs & timers


Use this ultra-low power timer (nanotimer) with watchdog for system wake up in duty-cycled and battery-powered applications such as those in used in Internet of Things (IoT) systems.


Program calibration adjustments from –63 ppm to +126 ppm with this RTC featuring oscillator status and stop bits.


The TLC555 and automotive grade TLC555-Q1 operate up to 2 MHz with high input impedance, allowing for smaller timing capacitors, and more accurate time delays and oscillations than other 555 timers.

Featured technical documentation

Power Cycling an IoT System with a Nano-power System Timer

Learn how to reduce power and extend the life of your device in battery powered systems, specifically those for IoT systems and connected products.

BQ32002 APIs for Tiva

Refer to this application report for the API calls used to connect the BQ32002 RTC with the Tiva™ microcontroller.

TLC555-Q1 Used as a Positive and Negative Charge Pump

Learn about a unique use for 555 timers in reverse battery protection. These timers can be used as charge pumps to easily generate positive or negative voltage multipliers in a cost-effective way.