Improve communications with our LVDS, M-LVDS & PECL devices

Quickly solve high-speed data transmission challenges

We offer a broad portfolio of buffers, crosspoint muxes and SerDes for low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), multi-point-LVDS and PHP extension community library (PECL) standards. These devices deliver high noise immunity and support for data rates up to 4 Gbps in a variety of applications, including board-to-board and backplane communication for industrial and automotive systems.

Line drivers, receivers & transceivers

Robust IEC 61000-4-2 certified high-speed single to differential drivers, receivers and transceivers available up to 8 channels offering point-to-point or multi-point data transmission in half- or full-duplex modes supporting data rates up to 4 Gbps


Buffers & crosspoint multiplexers

Transmit low-power and high-speed differential data for signal distribution over varying distances across transmission lines.


Board-to-board high-speed LVDS communication

Use LVDS to enable high-speed data transfer from board-to-board without signal degradation while minimizing PCB electromagnetic immunity (EMI) in high-noise enviornments.

Learn about the advantages of LVDS for single-ended differential transmission of data while maintaining low-power consumption, noise immunity and minimal EMI.

LVDS lets you manage EMI and noise during the transmission of single-ended data. Read this application note to learn more about how to improve EMC in a motor drive application as an example.

Featured LVDS driver & receiver

400-Mbps LVDS single high-speed differential devices.



Featured LVDS driver & receiver

400-Mbps LVDS single high-speed differential devices.

Technical resources

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