1.8V, High Resolution Inductance to Digital Converter

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* Datasheet LDC1101 1.8-V High-Resolution, High-Speed Inductance-to-Digital Converter datasheet (Rev. D) Oct. 03, 2016
Application notes LDC Device Selection Guide (Rev. C) Nov. 11, 2019
Application notes Performing L Measurements from LDC DRDY Timing (Rev. A) Nov. 11, 2019
Application notes LDC Sensor Design (Rev. B) Nov. 08, 2019
Software Inductive Sensing Design Calculator Tool (Rev. E) Aug. 13, 2018
Application notes LDC1xxx LDC Target Design (Rev. A) May 09, 2017
Design files LDC1101 Design File May 02, 2017
Application notes EMI Considerations for Inductive Sensing Feb. 22, 2017
Technical articles Solve the challenge of too many wires in high-speed networking equipment Jan. 26, 2017
Technical articles How to use the LDC calculations tool Nov. 10, 2016
Technical articles Eye doctor: Reflections and how to deal with them in high-speed systems Sep. 08, 2016
Technical articles Eye doctor: Why too much equalization boost is bad for your serial link health Jun. 13, 2016
Application notes Setting LDC1312/4, LDC1612/4, and LDC1101 Sensor Drive Configuration Apr. 05, 2016
Application notes Optimizing L Measurement Resolution for the LDC161x and LDC1101 Feb. 12, 2016
Application notes Measuring Rp of an L-C Sensor for Inductive Sensing Oct. 01, 2015
User guides LDC1101EVM User's Guide May 29, 2015