Voltage Reference Diode

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* Datasheet LM136-2.5/LM236-2.5/LM336-2.5V Reference Diode datasheet (Rev. D) Jun. 14, 2005
Software Shunt Voltage Reference External Resistor Quick Start Calculator May 21, 2015
Application notes AN-202 A Digital Multimeter Using the ADD3501 (Rev. C) Feb. 19, 2015
Application notes AN-298 Isolation Techniques for Signal Conditioning (Rev. B) May 06, 2013
Application notes AN-284 Single-Supply Applications of CMOS MICRODACs (Rev. B) Apr. 22, 2013
Application notes Using ADC0808/809 8-Bit uP Compble ADCs w/8-Chan Analog Multiplexr (Rev. B) Apr. 22, 2013
More literature Die D/S LM336-2.5 MWC Voltage Reference Diode Sep. 21, 2012
Application notes TO-92 Packing Options / Ordering Instructions (Rev. A) Jun. 23, 2010
Application notes Data Acq Using ADC0816 & ADC0817 8-Bit ADC w/On-Chip 16 Chan Multiplexr May 10, 2004
Application notes AN-275 CMOS D/A Converters Match Most Microprocessors May 02, 2004