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Micropower Voltage Reference


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These micropower, two-terminal, band-gap voltage references operate over a 10-µA to 20-mA current range and feature exceptionally low dynamic impedance and good temperature stability. On-chip trimming provides tight voltage tolerance. The band-gap reference for these devices has low noise and long-term stability.

The design makes these devices exceptionally tolerant of capacitive loading and, thus, easier to use in most reference applications. The wide dynamic operating temperature range accommodates varying current supplies, with excellent regulation.

The extremely low power drain of this series makes them useful for micropower circuitry. These voltage references can be used to make portable meters, regulators, or general-purpose analog circuitry, with battery life approaching shelf life. The wide operating current range allows them to replace older references with tighter-tolerance parts.


  • Operating Current Range
    • LM385-1.2-MIL: 15 µA to 20 mA
  • 1% and 2% Initial Voltage Tolerance
  • Reference Impedance
    • LM385-1.2-MIL: 1 Ω maximum at 25°C
    • All devices: 1.5 Ω maximum over Full
      Temperature Range
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Interchangeable with Industry Standard

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