Sensing Products

Proximity sensing in any environment

Best-in-class noise performance enables capacitive-based body and object sensing

Versatile sensing options

Capacitive sensing for low-power, low-cost, high-resolution contactless sensing.

Learn & design

Technical documents to get you started with your capacitive sensing design.

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Featured products


Noise-immune capacitive sensing solution for proximity sensing


4 channel capacitance to digital converter for capacitive sensing solutions


Flexible capacitive sensing solution for proximity sensing

Technical resources


Use this tool to get started with sensor design for proximity sensing applications

TI TechNotes

Your resource for capacitive sensing technical documents including blogs, TechNotes, application notes, and more

Reference designs

TI Designs deliver tested reference designs with BOM, schematics and testing information

TI’s capacitance to digital converter solutions provide proximity sensing in any environment and enable improved industrial design. TI has a range of capacitive to digital converter solutions for applications such as building automation and automotive. Explore our capacitance to digital converter reference designs, technical documents and other tools to get your design to market faster.