Ultrasonic sensor ICs

Ultrasonic solutions for industrial and automotive designs

Accurate detection

Accurately detect objects with a resolution of 1 mm - 1 cm at a range of 10 cm - 10 m

System flexibility

Detect near and far objects of various shapes, sizes, colors and transparencies through air or liquid

Integrated solution

Simplify your design with highly integrated system on chip (SoC) ultrasonic transducer drivers and signal conditioners

Why ultrasonic sensing?

Ultrasonic sound waves are vibrations at a frequency above the range of human hearing (>20kHz) that can travel through a wide variety of medium (air or fluid) to detect objects and measure its distance - without making physical contact.

Ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect a wide variety of materials regardless of shape, transparency or color.

Automotive ultrasonic sensors


Our family of automotive ultrasonic solutions enable safer and easier driving experiences by analyzing and alerting drivers to obstructions surrounding the vehicle.

Key automotive applications:

  • Ultrasonic park assist – Automotive qualified integrated system on chip (SoC) ultrasonic signal conditioners offering both transformer drive and direct drive options for small and cost optimized park assist systems.


  • Powertrain fluid sensors – Automotive qualified integrated analog front end (AFE) as an alternative to discrete solutions with milimeter level sensing accuracy within the range of 10 mm - 1 m.


  • Smart kick-to-open trunk – Build small, easy to use and cost optimized solutions to detect kick motion up to 50 cm to trigger opening of tail gates and trunk doors.

Industrial ultrasonic sensors


Our family of industrial ultrasonic solutions detect presence, proximity and distance of objects with unprecedented accuracy and robustness.

Key industrial applications:

  • Industrial and logistics robots – Monitor the surroundings and determine the position of the robot's own position or the position of an object the robot will interact with.


  • Vacuum robots – The ultrasonic sensor enables accurate sensing within the mm to m range for collision detection and cliff sensing.


  • Robotic lawn mowers – The ultrasonic sensor enables accuracy and reliability in harsh, dirty environments and changing light conditions.


  • Level transmitter – AFE solution that is uncompromised by fluid properties or corrosiveness.

Featured products


Highly-integrated system on-chip ultrasonic transducer driver and signal conditioner with an advanced DSP core


Fully-integrated analog front end (AFE) for ultrasonic sensing measurements of level, fluid identification/concentration, flow, and proximity/distance applications

Proximity sensing solutions

Finding it difficult to pick the right proximity sensing technology? Read our infographic to quickly understand the pros and cons of each technology we offer, including ultrasonic, to find the one best suited for your design.

time of flight proximity sensing infogrpahic

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