Inductive sensor AFEs

Position detection of conductive targets with contactless magnet-free sensing

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Achieve sub-micron resolution in position sensing applications with inductive sensor analog-front-ends (AFEs) and inductance-to-digital (LDC) converters that are immune to direct current (DC) magnetic fields and do not require magnets for operation. The contactless nature of our inductive sensor AFEs allow them to remain reliable in harsh environments.

Design & development resources

Reference design
Inductive Touch Stainless Steel Keypad Reference Design for Waterproof/Noise Immune HMI Applications
This 16-button stainless steel keypad, which utilizes TI's inductive touch technology, demonstrates highly sensitive buttons on a single piece of 0.6mm thick stainless steel metal.  The design utilizes a MUXed approach to implement many buttons with a single LDC1614. The design is (...)
Reference design
Inductive Sensing 32-Position Encoder Knob Reference Design using the LDC0851
An inductive sensing based incremental encoder knob design can provide a robust and low-cost interface for control inputs.  It can reliably operate in environments which have dirt, moisture, or oil which would pose issues for alternate sensing technologies. This solution requires no magnets.
Evaluation board
Reference Coil Board Evaluation Module

The LDCCOILEVM is designed to provide maximum flexibility for system prototyping and allow for experimentation with different coil sizes. It includes 19 unique types of PCB coils that range from long rectangular asymmetric coils to small circular coils 3mm in diameter. Every coil is separated by (...)


4-channel inductance-to-digital converter for low-power proximity and touch-button sensing

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 1.099

LDC3114-Q1 NEW

Automotive 4-channel inductance-to-digital converter for low-power proximity & touch-button sensing

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 1.297

Benefits of our inductive sensor AFEs


Interactive touch buttons

Design reliable contactless buttons that operate underwater and in other harsh environments in the presence of gloves with our inductive sensor AFEs. 


Event counting

Implement reliable, simple solutions for incremental encoder knobs and event counting of up to 300 events per second with our inductive sensor AFEs.


Metal proximity detection 

Detect the presence of conductive materials with micrometer precision with our inductive sensor AFEs in proximity or position sensing applications.

Technical resources

Application note
Application note
Common Inductive and Capacitive Sensing Applications (Rev. B)
Learn about the benefits of using inductive and capacitive sensing technology and our available design resources.
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Application note
Application note
LDC Device Selection Guide (Rev. D)
Read this selection guide to determine the best inductive sensing (LDC) device for your design.
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Video series
Video series
Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Inductive Sensing
This modular, on-demand curriculum includes hands-on training videos that combine theory and applied exercises to bring you up-to-speed with inductive sensing design, key common applications and resources.