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Current/voltage/power monitors

Digital power monitors perform mathematical processing on chip, freeing up system processors to handle other tasks, as well as providing higher bit-depth with additional features such as ALERTs and energy accumulation.

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Common-mode voltage

Select the common-mode voltage requirement for your current sensing application

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Minimize current measurement error with highly-accurate current sense amplifiers

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Select your desired resolution of the integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

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Device features

Optimize your current, voltage or power monitoring system with additional device features

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85-V, 20-bit, ultra-precise, SPI output current/voltage/power/energy/charge monitor with alert


36-V, bi-directional, high-accuracy, low-/high-side, I2C out current/power monitor with alert


36-V, bi-directional, high-accuracy, low-/high-side, I2C current/power monitor with integrated 2-mΩ shunt resistor

Design resources

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