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Automotive Chipsets - High resolution headlights

TI's new DLP® technology automotive solution is the only technology on the market that is both fully programmable and offers the highest resolution available with more than one million addressable pixels per headlight, exceeding the resolution of existing adaptive driving beam (ADB) technologies by more than 10,000 times.

Automakers and Tier-1 suppliers can use this new programmable ADB solution to design headlight systems that maximize brightness for drivers on the road while minimizing the glare of oncoming traffic or reflections from high-gloss traffic signs. This new DLP technology solution works with any light source including LED and laser illumination and gives designers a way to more precisely control light distribution on the road with customizable beam patterns that pair with programmable software and custom optics. Automakers and Tier-1 suppliers have the capability to partially or fully dim individual pixels with this solution, paving the way for the creation of headlight systems that allow drivers to keep their highbeams on while operating their vehicle in sub-par conditions.

DLP 4K headlights technology

State-of-the-art technology

  • Fully programmable lighting technology
  • Enhance driver visibility and communication
  • Supports any light source, including LED & laser
DLP high brightness headlight

High brightness, high performance

  • Pixel control for software customizable light
  • Maximize brightness and minimize glare
  • Supports latest automotive lighting styling trends
  • Enables use of high beam across driving conditions
DLP onr million pixels per headlight

Over one million addressable pixels per headlight

  • Highest resolution headlight technology available
  • Extends resolution by > 10,000 times
  • Enables projection of symbols
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