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Maximize performance with our USB devices

Improve system signal integrity while simplifying data and power delivery

Deliver high signal integrity and broad interoperability needed to solve key data and power requirements when implementing USB interface connections. Simplify your design with our extensive portfolio of USB redrivers, multiplexers, hubs, controllers and power switches.

USB Type-C™ & USB Power Delivery

End-to-end USB Type-C solutions enabling power delivery, data and video transfer

USB redrivers & multiplexers

Solutions to enable flexible signal routing and improve signal quality with extended range and distribution

USB hubs & controllers

Hubs, bridges, host controllers and transceivers to interface USB to multiple protocols or expand a single port to multiple ports

USB power & charging port controllers

USB Type-A 5-V power switches with fixed and precision adjustable current limits and USB charge port controllers which enable BC1.2 and other popular devices to charge quickly

Featured products


USB 2.0 480-Mbps high-speed signal conditioner


High-speed bidirectional mux with 13-GHz bandwidth for applications including 10-Gbps USB Type-C® and PCI Express 4.0.


USB Type-C DP ALT Mode, 10-Gbps linear redriver crosspoint switch

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