1.9A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver with On-Chip 1/8 Microstepping Indexer (Step/Dir Ctrl)

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* Datasheet DRV8811 Stepper Motor Controller IC datasheet (Rev. J) Apr. 26, 2017
Technical articles Anything but discrete: How to simplify 48-V to 60-V DC-fed three-phase inverter design Feb. 01, 2019
Application notes Best Practices for Board Layout of Motor Drivers (Rev. A) Jan. 22, 2019
Software DRV8811 Software (Rev. D) Sep. 12, 2018
Application notes PowerPAD™ Thermally Enhanced Package (Rev. H) Jul. 06, 2018
Technical articles Integrated intelligence part 3: motor startup from standstill position Dec. 11, 2017
Technical articles Integrated intelligence part 2: motor startup open loop acceleration Dec. 04, 2017
Technical articles Six weird ways to design with a brushless-DC driver Aug. 28, 2017
User guides DRV8811 EVM GUI (Rev. C) Apr. 26, 2017
More literature TM4C123x Stepper Motor Control Product Summary Jul. 06, 2015
Design files Hardware: DRV8811 EVM Jul. 14, 2014
Application notes Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver with DRV8811/18/24/25 (Rev. A) Jan. 08, 2014
Application notes 3Q 2012 Issue Analog Applications Journal Jul. 17, 2012
Application notes Applying acceleration and deceleration profiles to bipolar stepper motors Jul. 17, 2012
Application notes Various Reference Voltage Driving Techniques for Motor Drive Current Regulation Jun. 18, 2012
Application notes Calculating Motor Driver Power Dissipation Feb. 06, 2012
Application notes Understanding Motor Driver Current Ratings Feb. 06, 2012
Application notes DRV88xx Current Recirculation and Decay Modes Application Report Mar. 02, 2009
Application notes PowerPAD™ Made Easy (Rev. B) May 12, 2004