FRAM embedded software utilities for MSP ultra-low-power microcontrollers


Release Date:  30 May 2019

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Release Information

The Texas Instruments® FRAM Utilities is a collection of embedded software utilities that leverage the ultra-low power and virtually unlimited write endurance of FRAM. The utilities are available for MSP430FRx FRAM microcontrollers and provide example code to help start application development.

Included are the following FRAM Utilities:

  • Compute Through Power Loss: A utility API set that enables ease of use with LPMx.5 lowpower modes and a powerful shutdown mode the allows an application to save and restore critical system components when a power loss is detected.
  • LZ4 Compression: Embedded compression utility based on the open source LZ4 compression format. Optimized for MSP microcontrollers to enable better data logging, data transmission, firmware updates and more.
  • Random Number Generator: The random number generator (RNG) utility implements a counter mode deterministic random byte generator (CTR-DRBG) according to the NIST SP 800-90A Rev 1 specification
  • Non-Volatile Storage: The non-volatile storage (NVS) library makes handling of non-volatile data easy and robust against intermittent power loss or asynchronous device resets.

MSP devices supported by FRAM Utilities:


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