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Analog Design Journal

TI’s Analog Design Journal offers power and signal chain technical insight written by engineers for engineers. Published quarterly since 1999, these exclusive, carefully selected articles help novice and seasoned engineers sharpen their knowledge of emerging applications and analog circuits.

See the latest articles or search the library of 400+ articles to unlock solutions to tough design issues.

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New articles

Comparing internally-compensated advanced current mode (ACM) w/ D-CAP3™ control

Vendors of switching regulators are very active in the development of leading-edge control circuits to help engineers address specific design challenges.

Managing pixel‐clock input jitter for more robust serial‐link communications 

Modern-day automotive systems are packed with image sensors and displays for better driver safety and for enhanced infotainment.

Using noise-gain shaping to stabilize fully-differential amplifiers

Vendors of switching regulators are very active in the development of leading-edge control circuits to help engineers address specific design challenges.

Using interleaving with SAR ADCs for lower power, smaller size and lower cost

Recent advancements in successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converters (SAR ADCs) have enabled much lower power consumption.

Achieving a clean startup by using a DC/DC converter with a precise enable-pin t

In many applications, the various DC/DC converters in a given system need to start up at a specific supply voltage.

Featured authors

featured author robert taylor

Robert Taylor

I enjoy extending my knowledge and teaching newer engineers by removing design obstacles in their path.

featured author collin wells

Collin Wells

[While enrolled at University of Texas at Dallas] I was involved in robotics and tutoring. My hobbies include gardening, fishing and fixing small and large engine machinery.

featured author tommy neu

Tommy Neu

My favorite thing about engineering is creating solutions that haven’t been done before.

featured author t.k. chin

T.K. Chin

As a boy, I liked to learn from electricians when they fixed problems and liked to take my toys a part. Having a mindset of problem solving and a do-it-myself attitude made me a perfect fit as an engineer.

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