Amplifier circuits

Amplifier sub-circuit ideas that can be quickly adapted to meet your specific system needs

Each circuit below is presented as a "definition-by-example" and includes step-by-step instructions with formulas enabling you to adapt the circuit to meet your design goals. These circuits require a basic understanding of amplifier concepts. If you're new to amplifier design, we highly recommend completing our TI Precision Labs (TIPL) training series.

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Current sources

Non-linear circuits (rectifiers/clamps/peak detectors)

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For a comprehensive collection of all amplifier circuits noted above, check out the Analog Engineer's Circuit Cookbook.

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Our large portfolio of data converters general purpose, high-speed and precision op amps, comparators, current sense, instrumentation and differential amplifiers, and more.

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See our E2E™ technical support forums for your source to fast, verified answers and design help from our experts.