Digital Signal Processors - Support & training

On-demand Training for DSPs

Texas Instruments provides on-line training and support so you have all information you need to successfully develop with TI DSPs.

C66x DSP Architecture Training
KeyStone C66x DSP CorePac Overview This module discusses how high performance can be achieved within each C66x DSP core. Topics include C66x DSP CorePac architecture, Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD), memory access, and software pipelining. 31 minutes
KeyStone Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) This module describes the differences between the TMS320C674x instruction set architecture and the TMS320C66x instruction set included in the KeyStone CorePac. 31 minutes
C66x DSP Memory & Transport Training
KeyStone Multicore Navigator
This module provides an introduction to the architecture and functional components of the Multicore Navigator, which includes the Queue Manager Subsystem (QMSS) and Packet DMA (PKTDMA).
32 minutes
KeyStone Multicore Navigator: Queue Manager Subsystem (QMSS)
This module provides a detailed look at the functional elements of the QMSS and provides information on programming QMSS through the use of registers and low level drivers.
32 minutes
KeyStone Multicore Navigator: Packet DMA This module provides a detailed look at the infrastructure and functional aspects of the PKTDMA and provides information on programming PKTDMA through the use of registers and low level drivers. 24 minutes
KeyStone Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) This module provides an overview of the hardware and software that transports data and/or signals between threads of execution in KeyStone I C66x DSP multicore devices. 40 minutes
C66x DSP External Interfaces Training
KeyStone External Interfaces (EMIF-A, UART, I2C, SPI, TSIP)
This module provides an overview of selected external interfaces on KeyStone devices including UART, I2C, SPI, TSIP, and EMIF-A.
22 minutes
KeyStone Serial Rapid IO (SRIO)
This module takes a look at the new features and enhancements of the SRIO on KeyStone devices.
66 minutes
C66x DSP Software & Tools Training
Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) for KeyStone Devices
This module provides an overview of the multicore SoC software for KeyStone I C66x DSP devices. This module introduces the optimized software components that enable the rapid development of multicore applications and accelerate time to market using foundational software in the MCSDK. The MCSDK also enables developers to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities using the C66x evaluation module.
17 minutes
KeyStone II Software Overview
Description: This module describes the software development ecosystem for the KeyStone II DSP+Arm® multicore devices from both a Linux and SYS/BIOS perspective.
30 minutes
KeyStone Power Management This module provides an overview of the C66x power domain topology, power-saving features, power and clocking domains, power states, and Smart Reflex. 46 minutes


Design Network

Texas Instruments' Developer Network is a global network with hundreds of independent companies offering products and services that support TI's DSPs. Customers can simplify their development and reduce time-to-market with the following developer network offerings:

Hardware Tools – Reference Designs, Development Boards/EVMs, Production Programming Tools, Designer's kits, and Adapters/Support Components

Software Tools – Application Software, Compilers/ Assemblers/ Linkers, Real-Time Operating Systems, and Open-Source software tools

Consultant Services – Worldwide consulting support and services

Featured Design Network Partners

World-class design, system integration, and training expertise to companies seeking solutions based on Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Android and Linux Embedded systems around TI's platforms.

First to introduce a USB JTAG Emulator for TI's DSPs and is a provider of advanced emulation products and professional services and specialized products to both U.S. and foreign customers.

Embedded systems engineering firm specializing in developing electronics that help customers bring their applications in the scientific, industrial, communications and transportation areas.

D3 Engineering provides the fastest, lowest-risk path through embedded product development for digital video and analytics, smart power management, and precision motion control.

Spectrum Digital, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets design tools for TI's DSPs. Products include emulators, evaluation modules, and application specific hardware.

Product life cycle management services for industry verticals of Security & Surveillance, Video Imaging, Networking & Telecomm., Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, and Healthcare.

Enea has a broad portfolio of in-house developed software including it's operating system that can be found in half of all 3G mobile phones and base stations in the world.

Engineering design services company helping companies design and develop new electronic devices. Skilled in taking products from initial concept, through prototypes and into production.

Specializes in signal processing applications in media processing, wireless and communications applications.

Logic PD's creative team of problem solvers and cutting-edge modular technology products enable companies to control costs, reduce risk and deliver innovative products to market faster.

A division of Mentor Graphics, offers consulting for development setup through complete product creation & optimization delivered by leading open source experts in Linux, Android & TI Android Rowboat.

Mistral is focused in product engineering services, defense solutions and homeland security benefiting end-users and customers, in accelerating time-to-market for a broad range of applications.

Nuvation's design and manufacturing teams cover advanced product solutions for high-end video and imaging, handheld/portable consumer and medical device and high-performance computing industries.

Providing the technology, expertise and experience to enable companies to create secure, reliable and connected systems that bridge the consumer and embedded worlds with our unique software platform.

Provides mechanical, electrical and software engineering services solving the most difficult engineering challenges from concept through manufacturing.

Supplies Linux products and services to thousands of embedded developers and is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework for embedded Linux applications.

Z3 Technology provides OEM-ready hardware modules and application specific software including it's embedded Multimedia Player,Multimedia Recorder, Streaming Encoder and Streaming Receiver application.

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