mmWave Sensors

The world’s most precise millimeter wave sensor available today on a single chip

mmWave automotive accuracy

Unprecedented accuracy

Detect up to three times higher spatial and velocity resolution than solutions on the market today.

mmWave evaluation

Sensing simplified

Leverage the mmWave SDK to evaluate and enable your sensor project in less than 30 minutes.

Industrial and automotive mmWave sensors

Shrink your design

TI’s CMOS single-chip sensors integrate an RF front-end with a DSP and MCU.

Automotive (AWR) mmWave sensors

Automotive mmWave sensors

TI’s family of AWR mmWave solutions enable safer and easier driving experiences by analyzing and reacting to nearby environments


Key automotive applications:

  • Front long range radar – Detect motorcycles, cars or other dynamic objects at less than 1 degree angular accuracy and up to 300 km/ hour
  • Multi-mode radar – Detect complex urban scenes with run time configurability and interference detection capability
  • Short range radar – Detect motorcycles, cars and other dynamic objects at high accuracy of distance up to 80 meters

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Industrial (IWR) mmWave sensors

Industrial mmWave sensors

TI’s family of IWR mmWave solutions detect range, velocity and angle of objects with unprecedented accuracy and robustness


Key industrial applications:

  • Level transmitter – Enable high accuracy of less than 100 microns with +/- 15 micro at 3 sigma precision
  • Radar for transport – Demonstrate robust detection of incoming moving vehicles at distance of 60m, velocities up to 100 km/hour
  • Drones – Benchmark for measuring power lines at greater than 30m and easily detect the difference between ground and water
  • Building automation – Enable the detection and tracking of people both indoors and outdoors with environmentally robust sensing to rain, fog, smoke, or ambient lighting

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