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Operational amplifiers (op amps) - Design & development

Reference designs, software and hardware tools for your precision design

Reference designs

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your precision system

PSpice® for TI

Quickly evaluate functionality of amplifier analog circuits using the PSpice for TI is a design and simulation tool.  Available at no cost, get access to one of the largest model libraries in the industry.

Parametric cross-reference

Search for any suppliers' op amps to find similar TI devices by parameter

DIP adapter EVM

Provides an easy, low cost way to prototype small, surface-mount IC's

Filter designer

Design, optimize and simulate complete multi-stage active filter solutions in minutes

Amplifier product selection guide

Software standalone parametric selection tool

Featured reference designs

Analog PWM generator with 5-V, 500-kHz PWM output

Uses a triangle wave generator and comparator to generate a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) waveform with a duty cycle that is inversely proportional to the input

Single-ended-input-to-differential-output conversion circuit

Converts the differential current output of audio DACs to a single-ended voltage for driving low-impedance headphones and providing hi-fi audio in cell phones and portable audio players

Wideband optical front end

With over 120MHz of bandwidth, this complete, modular reference design can meet the demanding needs of many optical systems including OTDR, ToF, machine vision, LIDAR and defense applications

Multiplexed data acquisition for high-voltage inputs and low distortion

Implements a 16-bit, differential 4-channel, multiplexed data acquisition system at 400-KSPS throughput for industrial applications

Low-power, wireless PIR motion detector enabling 10-year coin cell battery life

Uses nano-power operational amplifiers, comparators, and the SimpleLink ultra-low power sub-1GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform. Enables over 10 years battery life (CR2032)

50Ω, 2GHz oscilloscope front-end

Demonstrates a 50Ω interface oscilloscope front-end with 2GHz of bandwidth