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The power op amp you want in the package you need

Industry's most diverse portfolio of high-voltage & high-current monolithic op amps

Explore our broad portfolio of high-voltage and high-current monolithic power op amps and power your designs needing high supply operation. Our devices are capable of handling high-voltage power supplies of greater than 45-V and 200-mA while maintaining a small packaging footprint.

High voltage (≥45-V)

No rail too large - designed for large supply operation

High current (≥200-mA)

Class-leading power handling capabilities

Small footprint (≤29mm²)

Big power in small packages for your space-constrained designs

Find a power op amp that best fits your design needs

Featured power op amps


180-V, wide bandwidth, high-slew rate, power amplifier. It features input overvoltage protection, output current limiting, thermal protection, a status flag, and enable-disable capability


High-Voltage (150-V), wide-bandwidth (6.5-MHz), high-output-current (45-mA), unity-gain-stable op amp


Automotive, dual-channel, power op amp with high current output (400mA) for resolver excitation. On-chip diagnostics include current limit, thermal limit, and shutdown.


Automotive, dual-channel, high-voltage (24-V), power op amp with high gain bandwidth (21-MHz ) and slew rate (50-V/µs) for resolver-based applications.

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