High-speed op amps to accelerate your design 

Industry's broadest and highest-performance portfolio to meet any system need

We offer the highest performance high-speed operational amplifier portfolio in the industry with gain bandwidth product (GBW) ranging from 50 MHz to 8 GHz.  Our high-speed op amps feature best-in-class bandwidth to power consumption as well as specialized devices for high-voltage designs (>12 V).

Bipolar-input op amps

The industry's best performance-to-power ratio op amps

JFET/CMOS-input op amps

Op amps to meet all of your wide-bandwidth, high-input-impedance needs

Fully differential

Broadest portfolio of FDAs for driving single-ended or differential signals to ADCs

Low power (<5mA)

Find the right op amp or FDA when every milliwatt counts

Low noise (<5nV/√Hz)

Meet the most demanding SNR requirements with our low-noise op amps

Automotive qualified

High-speed op amps to meet rigorous AEC-Q100 qualification standards

High-speed op amp innovation


250-mA output, 36-V, adjustable bandwidth from 35-MHz to 210-MHz, open-loop buffer


2.7-GHz, 13-V, decompensated 7-V/V, FET-input operational amplifier


5.5 GHz gain bandwidth product, decompensated transimpedance amplifier with FET input

Featured reference designs

Single-ended-to-differential interface for high-speed ADCs

Demonstrates how to design a high-performance active interface for high-speed ADCs

18-bit data acquisition system optimized for distortion and noise

Provides the low noise and distortion with total system power consumption of less than 50mW

Dual-channel data acquisition system for optical encoders

Demonstrates a simultaneously sampling, dual-channel data acquisition system for optical encoders in motor control applications 

Wideband optical front-end

With more than 120 MHz of bandwidth, this complete, modular reference design can meet the demanding needs of many optical systems, including OTDR, ToF, machine vision, LIDAR and defense applications

Sample & hold circuit

Provides a high-bandwidth, high-precision sample and hold circuit for industrial and test and measurement applications

50-Ω, 2-GHz oscilloscope front-end

Demonstrates a 50-Ω interface oscilloscope front-end with 2-GHz bandwidth

Technical resources

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Find a wide variety of system design topics, including common mode noise, RF amplifier specs, simulation and more

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