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New Q2 2020 Analog Design Journal articles 

Enabling precision delta-sigma ADCs in functional safety applications

 Lars Lotzenburger, System Engineer

This article discusses analog-to-digital converter (ADC) failure modes and introduces options to address them infunctionally-safe systems. Additionally, trade-offs between single-channel and redundant-channel functional safety architectures are discussed with the assumption that the reader is familiar with functional safety basics and nomenclature.

Thermal design concerns for buck converters in high-power Q100 applications

Marshall Beck, Applications Engineer

Automotive designs increasingly require higher-performance electronic components with reduced printed circuit board (PCB) cost. This trend has resulted in an uptick in signalprocessing operating speeds (and density) on a single board. The increase in operating speeds has in turn raised demand for more compact power supplies to provide room for component routing. 

Why use PSR-flyback isolated converters in dual-battery mHEV systems

Timothy Hegarty, Applications Engineer

This article focuses on the isolated supply that powers the signal path and control circuits on the 48-V side. The primary-side regulated (PSR) flyback converter family as described offers simplicity, versatility, small solution size, low noise, high reliability and low bill-of-materials cost.

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