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Broad portfolio of precision DACs with the strongest ecosystem for your design needs

Our precision digital-to-analog converter (DAC) portfolio offers a variety of products enabling control, signal generation, biasing and calibration applications. With resolution up to 20-bits, and up to 96 channels, our precision DAC portfolio delivers high accuracy, high throughput, small size and low power consumption options.

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Featured precision DACs


20-bit monotonic DAC with ultra-low noise, low glitch and exceptional THD


Dual-channel, 1-LSB INL, 16-bit, SPI voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC)


10-bit 1-channel DAC with NVM, buffered voltage output and I2C interface

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - DACs

These on-demand courses and tutorials include introductory ideas about device architecture in addition to advanced, application-specific problem-solving, using both theory and practical knowledge.  Industry experts present each topic in order to help reduce design time and move quickly from proof-of-concept to productization. The DAC (digital-to-analog converter or D/A converter) curriculum is segmented into major topics, each of which contains short training videos, multiple choice quizzes, and short answer exercises.

Design resources

Explore a comprehensive library of precision DAC sub-circuit ideas that you can easily adapt to meet your specific end equipment needs - including a free e-book

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system

Collection of technical videos, articles and other content to help build your knowledge of precision DACs