NOR gates

Simplify your signal chain with combinational logic

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Resolve common combinational logic issues such as enabling or disabling digital signals, monitoring multiple error signals, or creating a latch with our portfolio of more than 100 NOR gates. Included are open-drain and Schmitt-trigger device options available in 1-6 channel configurations.

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Featured NOR gates

Why should you choose our NOR gates?


Wide operating voltage range

Select from products ranging from 0.8 V to 18 V to fulfill all your application needs.


Diverse package offering

Both leaded and nonleaded packages available with pin counts ranging from 5 to 20 pins. Wettable flanks available on select packages. 


Schmitt-trigger inputs

Our new HCS family features Schmitt-trigger inputs allowing for superior noise immunity. 

Common applications of NOR gates

Design an alarm / tamper circuit with an S-R latch

Alarm circuits are used in critical parts of systems in which an event needs to be flagged and addressed. This video presents a simple latching solution to avoid missing the alarm trigger event.