XOR (exclusive OR) gates

Simplify your signal chain with combinational logic

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Resolve common combinational logic issues such as comparing digital signals or detecting phase differences in input signals, or comparing when two inputs are the same with our portfolio of more than 50 XOR gates. Included are open-drain and Schmitt-trigger device options available in 1-4 channel configurations.

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Why should you choose our XOR gates?


Wide operating voltage range

Select from products ranging from 0.8 V to 18 V to fulfill all your application needs


Diverse package offering

Both leaded and nonleaded packages available with pin counts ranging from 5 to 20 pins. Wettable flanks available on select packages.


Schmitt Triggers

Our new HCS family features Schmitt Trigger inputs allowing for superior noise immunity. 

Common applications of XOR gates

Detect phase differences in input signals

A phase detector outputs a PWM signal that represents the phase difference between the input signals. This video quickly explains how an XOR gate works as a phase detector.

Featured products for XOR gates
SN74LVC1G86-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive single 2-input, 1.65-V to 5.5-V XOR (exclusive OR) gate
SN74HCS86-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 4-ch, 2-input, 2-V to 6-V low power XOR (exclusive OR) gates with Schmitt-Trigger inputs
SN74LVC2G86 ACTIVE 2-ch, 2-input, 1.65-V to 5.5-V XOR (exclusive OR) gates