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Simplify your signal chain with combinational logic

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Resolve common combinational logic issues such as enabling or disabling digital signals, monitoring multiple error signals, or creating a latch with our portfolio of more than 200 NAND gates. Included are open-drain and Schmitt-trigger device options available in 1-6 channel configurations.

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Featured NAND gates

Why should you choose our NAND gates?


Wide operating voltage range

Select products ranging from 0.8 V to 18 V to fulfill all your application needs.


Diverse package offering

Both leaded and nonleaded packages are available with pin counts ranging from 5 to 20 pins. Wettable flanks available on select packages.


Schmitt triggers

Our new HCS family features Schmitt trigger inputs allowing for superior noise immunity.

Common applications of NAND gates

Design an alarm / tamper circuit with an S-R latch

Alarm circuits are used in critical parts of systems in which an event needs to be flagged and addressed. This video presents a simple latching solution to avoid missing the alarm trigger event.


Featured products for alarm & tamper circuits
SN74HCS03 ACTIVE Schmitt-trigger inputs quadruple 2-input positive-NAND gates with open-drain outputs
SN74HCS30-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 8-input NAND gate with Schmitt-trigger inputs
SN74LVC1G00 ACTIVE Single 2-input, 1.65-V to 5.5-V NAND gate

Technical resources

Application note
Application note
Catch a Digital Signal
In order to ensure that an error state is correctly identified, a dedicated latch circuit can be used to catch even very brief pulses while using very little power.
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Application note
Application note
Optimizing Design of Electronic Meters with Logic and Translation Use Cases
Logic gates, voltage translators, and other logic devices are utilized for many purposes throughout modern electronic systems.
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Application note
Application note
Applications of Logic and Translation in IP Cameras (Rev. A)
This document provides example solutions for common design challenges in IP Cameras that can be solved using logic and translation.
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