3 V to 20 V input, 600 kHz, 25 A synchronous buck controller with FSS


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Vin (Min) (V) 3 Vin (Max) (V) 20 Vout (Min) (V) 0.6 Vout (Max) (V) 18 Iout (Max) (A) 25 Iq (Typ) (mA) 2.5 Iq (Typ) (uA) 2500 Switching frequency (Min) (kHz) 600 Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) 600 Features Enable, Power Good, Pre-Bias Start-Up, Spread Spectrum, Synchronous Rectification Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 Regulated outputs (#) 1 Number of Phases 1 Rating Catalog open-in-new Find other Buck controllers (external switch)

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VSON (DRC) 10 9 mm² 3 x 3 open-in-new Find other Buck controllers (external switch)


  • Input Voltage Range From 3 V to 20 V
  • 300-kHz (TPS40303), 600-kHz (TPS40304), and 1.2-MHz (TPS40305) Switching Frequencies
  • High- and Low-Side FET RDS(on) Current Sensing
  • Programmable Thermally Compensated OCP Levels
  • Programmable Soft Start
  • 600-mV, 1% Reference Voltage
  • Voltage Feed-Forward Compensation
  • Supports Prebiased Output
  • Frequency Spread Spectrum
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection at 145°C
  • 10-Pin 3-mm × 3-mm VSON Package With Ground Connection to Thermal Pad
  • Create a Custom Design Using the TPS4030x With the WEBENCH® Power Designer

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The TPS4030x is a family of cost-optimized synchronous buck controllers that operate from 3-V to 20-V input. The controller implements a voltage-mode control architecture with input-voltage feed-forward compensation that responds instantly to a change in input voltage. The switching frequency is fixed at 300 kHz, 600 kHz, or 1.2 MHz.

The frequency spread-spectrum (FSS) feature adds to the switching frequency, significantly reducing the peak EMI noise and making it much easier to comply with EMI standards.

The TPS4030x offers design with a variety of user-programmable functions, including soft start, overcurrent protection (OCP) levels, and loop compensation.

OCP level may be programmed by a single external resistor connected from the LDRV pin to circuit ground. During initial power on, the TPS4030x enters a calibration cycle, measures the voltage at the LDRV pin, and sets an internal OCP voltage level. During operation, the programmed OCP voltage level is compared to the voltage drop across the low-side FET when it is on to determine whether there is an overcurrent condition. The TPS4030x then enters a shutdown and restart cycle until the fault is removed.

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Technical documentation

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Type Title Date
* Datasheet TPS4030x 3-V to 20-V Input, Voltage Mode, Synchronous Buck Controller datasheet (Rev. D) Mar. 12, 2018
Application notes Maximizing power density and thermal performance in power-module designs Dec. 12, 2018
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
Selection guides DC/DC Buck Controller Solutions Selection Guide Feb. 06, 2018
Application notes SMT Guidelines for Stacked Inductor (Inductor On Top) on Voltage Regulator IC Feb. 22, 2016
Application notes 2Q 2012 Issue Analog Applications Journal Apr. 26, 2012
Application notes Controlling switch-node ringing in synchronous buck converters Apr. 26, 2012
User guides CSD163CEVM-591 User's Guide Mar. 02, 2010
User guides Using the TPS40304 Feb. 23, 2010
User guides TPS40304EVM-353 User's Guide Feb. 18, 2010
User guides TPS40305EVM-488 User's Guide Feb. 18, 2010

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

The TPS40304EVM-353 evaluation module (EVM) is a synchronous buck converter providing a fixed 1.2-V output at up to 20A from a 12-V input bus. The EVM is designed to start-up from a single supply; so, no additional bias voltage is required for start-up. The module uses the TPS40304 high performance (...)

  • 8-V to 14-V input voltage rating
  • 1.2-V ± 2% output voltage rating
  • 20-A steady state load current
  • 600-kHz switching frequency
  • Simple access to IC features including Power Good, Enable, Soft-Start, and Error Amplifier
  • Convenient test points for simple, non-invasive measurements of converter performance

Design tools & simulation

SLIM114A.ZIP (90 KB) - PSpice Model
SLIM224.TSC (207 KB) - TINA-TI Reference Design
SLIM225.TSC (223 KB) - TINA-TI Reference Design
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSPICE-FOR-TI — PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)
  • Leverages Cadence PSpice Technology
  • Preinstalled library with a suite of digital models to enable worst-case timing analysis
  • Dynamic updates ensure you have access to most current device models
  • Optimized for simulation speed without loss of accuracy
  • Supports simultaneous analysis of multiple products
  • (...)
SLUC263D.ZIP (131 KB)

Reference designs

Power Reference Design for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner Processing and Control Board
PMP5754 A 12V-20V input, 95W, five (5) rail design for a PET Scanner control board with the TPS40303/304 PWM step-down controllers and Dual-Cool CSD16322Q5C NexFETs powering DDR core, DSP core, and analog circuitry like detectors, front-end amplifiers/filters and Analog-to-Digital Converters.
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
TPS40304 Step-Down Regulator Delivering 1.0V at 3A Reference Design
PMP5596 PMP5596 is a single-phase synchronous switching regulator accepting an input voltage range of 4.5Vin to 13.2Vin and providing an output voltage of 1.0Vout capable of supplying 3A of current.
Design files
TPS40304 Step-Down Regulator Delivering 6.3V at 4A Reference Design
PMP4711 — PMP4711 is a single-phase synchronous switching regulator accepting an input voltage range of 7.0Vin to 14.0Vin and providing an output voltage of 6.3Vout capable of supplying 4A of current.
Design files
TPS40304 Step-Down Regulator Delivering 3.3V at 16A Reference Design
PMP4713 — PMP4713 is a single-phase synchronous switching regulator accepting an input voltage range of 7.0Vin to 14.0Vin and providing an output voltage of 3.3Vout capable of supplying 16A of current.

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