Power management

Abwärts/Aufwärts-, invertierende & Split-Rail-Wandler – Design & development

Featured reference designs

Small footprint isolated DC/DC converter for analog input module

Isolated power supply is important for analog components like analog to digital converters (ADC) and operational amplifiers (Op-Amp) in the field of factory automation and control.

High fidelity audio headphone playback for portable and smartphone applications

Since the use of high fidelity headphones is a growing trend for portable audio playback, higher performance DAC and Headphone Amplifiers are demanded. 

Small, high-efficiency split-rail supply for portable audio applications

Differential Headphone amplifiers require positive and negative voltages. In this reference design, both voltages are generated from a single input voltage with an all integrated split-rail converter.

Supercapacitor backup power supply with active cell balancing

This reference design describes a backup power circuit which addresses instantaneous protection against power interruptions by using a buck-boost converter and two stacked supercapacitors.

Automotive eCall power supply with low intermediate voltage

This reference design includes a complete power management solution for a standalone emergency call (eCall) system in an automotive environment. 

Featured evaluation modules

Single inductor dual output power supply

The TPS65132 is designed to support positive / negative output voltage, for example to drive TFT-LCD panels up to 10” at least (from SFF to MFF like tablets). In this application the two output rails are usually connected to the Source Driver IC. 


The TPS65130EVM-063 is an evaluation tool for the TPS65130 Positive and Negative Output DC-DC Converter for general-purpose split-rail supplies, industrial applications and LCD or OLED displays. 

TPS630250 DSBGA 4A switch buck-boost regulator

The TPS63025xEVM-553 enables test and evaluation of the Texas Instruments’ TPS63025 device family, a 2.5MHz (typ.) fully integrated buck-boost converter.

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