USB Retimers, Redrivers and USB/MHL Switches Overview

Scalable solutions to improve USB data signal integrity


High-performance devices remove jitter and random noise from high-loss channels, enabling better signal quality.


Power-efficient devices designed to compensate for channel loss and intersymbol interference (ISI), enabling extended signal range.


Passive and active switches preserve and/or improve signal quality while routing the signal to the desired endpoint

Featured products


USB 2.0 480 Mbps High-Speed Signal Conditioner


USB Type-C DP ALT Mode, 10 Gbps Linear Redriver Crosspoint Switch


USB Type-C 8.1 Gbps Multi-Protocol Linear Redriver

Technical resources


Retimers, redrivers and switches resources

What is the difference between a retimer, redriver or switch? Learn more in the below resources.

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